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Joseph Perry of Milford Empty Joseph Perry of Milford

Post by eperry0303 on Wed Feb 24, 2010 7:12 pm

Hi there,

New to these boards, trying to break through a brick wall in my family history. I've traced it back to the late 1700's, but my goal is to find out where we came from when we first came to America.

I'm a direct descendant of a Joseph Perry who married Sarah Duston in Hennicker, NH in 1795. Joseph and Sarah had these children (that I know of):

Moses Perry (Named after Sarah's father Moses Duston), born 1795
William Perry, born 1797
David D. Perry, born 1798. My line comes from here, via John F (1819), Frank D (1851), John F (1885), and Harold C (1915).
Phebe, born ?
Caleb, born 1817
Susannah, born ?

As far as I can tell, Joseph and Sarah had all of thier children in Hennicker, NH. There's a good bit of info on the family in the "History of the town of Henniker" but the trail stops cold with Joseph Perry. All I know is that he was from Milford (no state specified) and that he married Sarah in 1795.

Does anyone know anything about this Joseph?

Much thanks,

Eli Perry


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