The Importance of Death Certificates (PE1.10)

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The Importance of Death Certificates (PE1.10) Empty The Importance of Death Certificates (PE1.10)

Post by PerryResearch on Tue Apr 07, 2009 3:30 am

An article from Vol.1 of the Perry Ezine discussing how death certificates can tell us a lot about our ancestors. It also includes a lot of those strange medical terms listed in death certificates from the past. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Death certificates are one of the best genealogical tools for researchers to use. They give us “official” information about a person’s death date, cause of death, place of death and burial, birth date and place, spouse’s name, and parent’s names. Any of these are very helpful and when all are present on a death certificate, it is a genealogical goldmine! Of course, these “facts” are not always accurate, but they always give us a place for reference in researching our relatives further. The one thing you can be pretty sure about is that death certificates give a correct death date. That makes them a primary source for genealogists in recording deaths.

Do you have a story about a great discovery you found in a death certificate? Do you need help with research involving death certificates? Discuss it here.

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