John Perry, b. about 1746?

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John Perry, b. about 1746? Empty John Perry, b. about 1746?

Post by Lisa_P on Mon Oct 03, 2011 12:59 pm

I am tryng to verify that MY John Perry who was married to Penelope (maiden name unknown), and father to 3 children (Nancy Anna, Samuel, and Thomas William) was indeed the John Perry who was born in 1746 to Annis Watson and Samuel Perry from Northern Ireland. THAT John is well documented. The descendents of that John and Violette Moore (married in 1778) do not agree that John had a previous marriage or children. Their claim rests mainly on the fact that John's will does not mention this other family. And I have no record of who cared for these three small children when he left Louisiana. A census would help!

MY John purchased land in what became the Louisiana Territory. "John settled his family on 200 acres on Bayou Castang, a small bayou which empties into the northern part of Lake Pontchartrain. In his application for the land grant (approved in 1775) he indiciated he had four family members-Himself, Wife, Nancy and Samuel. His land was in what was also called the "District of Manchac." He saw his son Thomas William born in 1776. He also saw his wife (Penelope) die of Yellow Fever in 1777. He also saw the area fall into the hands of the Spanish Government.

The Spanish encouraged the "Acadians in exile" to move into the district, which did not set well with John so he decided to relocate to the Natchez area. John applied for a land grant and received a grant for 1,000 acres on Bayou Pierre, about 45 miles northeast of Fort Panure.... He later sold his grant of land to George Cochran of Natchez on 4 December 1798 for $250." (This is an excerpt from a story at

I can't find the official records that substantiate these land transactions, probably because they were French, then Spanish, then American... How do I even find a census for that time period in Louisiana??

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